Kingdom of Tonga is the last Polynesian Kingdom, a nation that has almost been forgotten by the modern world, which in turn, provides one of the last unspoiled holidays destinations of the south pacific.

In Fact fewer than 40 of the 171 islands are inhabited

Tonga receives less rain than other tropical areas and temperatures average 20o C in winter to mid 30 C in summer with moderate humidity.
From May to November, this is when the weather is at a perfect temperature, the waters are calm and the Humpback Whales can be seen in the waters.
A Pleasant southeast trade winds attracts many sailors from all over the world during May to November.

Tongans are polynesians by race, 2 languages : Tongan & English.
Nuku'alofa, on the Island of Tongatapu is the capital and home to the Royal Palace.

Vegetation: Tropical with lots of Frangipani, Hibiscus, Coconuts & Banana Trees, Various Palms

What to see in Tongatapu
Historical Sites: Royal Palace, Ancient burial sites of Langi Tombs, Ha'amonga Trilithon,
The Village of Pea.
Tongan National Centre - Complex of 10 traditional buildings.

Beaches and Other Interesting Sites: Keleti Beach with the Blowhole, Anahulu Beach with its Limestone Caves with stalactites and fresh water pools, Ha'atafu Beach, Flying Foxes in Kolovai.

Clothing: Casual Clothes, Electricity: 240 volts,
Currency: Tongan Pa'anga (TOP), No Tipping.